Dear friends and fellow MBA members,

Thank you for your support of the Montgomery Business Association, either through membership, volunteering or buying local by utilizing our local member businesses for everything from financial services to personal fitness and so much more.

We’ve been proudly serving the greater Montgomery business community throughout the region for over a decade. As their needs have evolved, our organization has as well. From our inception originally as a “Shop Local Program” to the current organization which focuses on being a resource to the business community, which still includes our foundational mission of Shopping Local along with a host of other programs and networking opportunities.

A lot of great things have happened just in the last few years. In 2021-2022 we built a more robust web platform allowing for more member benefits and a much more user-friendly interface. That in turn also allowed us to devote more resources to provide better social media and e-newsletter campaigns. 2023 was one of the busiest years for our organization. In the spring, we partnered with MRH Rotary to organize FunFest / Run With Rotary at Skillman Park, held multiple speaker series events including a Canva workshop, B2B networking events & socials, held grand openings all over Montgomery, brought awareness to a theft ring and how to keep your business and personal property safe with a Montgomery Police event over the summer, and in the fall we sponsored the Montgomery Arts council art show and held Hops & Shops. This is only an abbreviated list of things we were able to accomplish with our all-volunteer


Looking to the future, as we progress through 2024, the MBA is looking to revamp our newsletters, marketing, events, and socials. All of this is part of our continued commitment to bringing value to our memberships and the community at large. We are thrilled to embark on this journey of sharing insights, updates, and exciting developments with you. Thank you for joining us as we strive to foster meaningful connections and keep you informed about the latest happenings in our dynamic community!

James Danner
MBA President
Owner Red Barn Printing

Are you a member of the Montgomery Business Association looking for a way to grow your business? A great way to grow is to volunteer and we are always looking for business members to get involved in supporting the MBA and MBA events. If you’d like to learn more about ways to get more involved, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  -  -  (609) 429-0496

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