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While some wonder about the relevance of the public library in an increasingly connected world, we do not. We know that even as formats change, the essential role of the public library does not. Public libraries – critical components of successful communities – exist to connect people with ideas, with information and with each other. Our role is to make those connections happen as fluidly as possible: we array our libraries as community centers with compelling collections and engaging programs that challenge, enchant, and inform. We go beyond helping customers find what they were looking for, we surprise them with the unexpected. And the Internet – as a metaphor for our connected world – is simply another service format we provide. In short, the library is a place in the heart of the community where the exchange of information and ideas can flourish, a cornerstone of a livable community.

Somerset County Library System has a rich history over its 90+ years of serving its member communities and we are rightly proud of what we have accomplished. In this plan, we outline our vision, which is to create unparalleled opportunities to enrich lives, to expand knowledge and to strengthen communities. These are core activities of any public library worthy of the name. But ever-hastening technology cycles and tectonic disruptions in the publishing world compel us to carefully consider how we can carry on with our mission to partner with our customers to connect, to explore, to share and to discover.

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Monkey Hill, LLC

Monkey Hill, LLC has over 21 years of experience helping private and public organisations identify computer and network security related problems. Monkey Hill helps determine the most effective way to reduce the risk to computers, networks, software, data and information systems from possible attacks.

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